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Posted by Sandy Weiner in online dating after 40 | 0 comments Yesterday, I had the privilege to interview Maria Avgitidis (Ave-get-ee-dis), matchmaker and dating coach at Agape Match.

What are three main things that will make you successful online? They vet potential dates for you, like going on the bad dates for you so you don’t have to. If you have the time to devote to online dating, and privacy is not as much of a concern, online dating is a great way to meet someone. What should they keep in mind when selecting either? Couple: This is an app that allows you to share everything with your love interest. To hear the whole interview with lots of juicy information on what’s hot in the matchmaking and dating coaching fields, click here or you can download it for free in itunes here.

This award winning matchmaker aims to find love solutions for all of her clients, either through matchmaking or date coaching.

As a fourth generation matchmaker, she’s been matchmaking since she can remember.

She established Agape Match five years ago, which quickly became the top matchmaking firm for Greek singles in North America (although her firm does work with non-Greek singles in NYC, New Jersey and Boston).

Her inspiration for Agapa was a result from her success as a matchmaker at Agape Match.

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