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These words are familiar/informal versions of the underlying words.The connotation of familiarity (my friend Jean-Phi, as opposed to my new colleague Jean-Philippe; cinoche, the place I often go for entertainment, as opposed to cinéma, the neutral word for a movie theater) is what makes them hypocorisms.The ending -oche (with or without an intervening consonant or phoneme to make it easier to pronounce) is also sometimes used: cinoche (cinéma), Mac Doche (Mc Donald's), fastoche (easy-peezy, from facile, easy).

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While the addition of -chan to a girl's name is endearment and intimacy, when applied to a male's name, it may be either a term of endearment or it may be added as a derogatory taunt, depending on the context and the nature of the relationship.

There are however some exceptions, for example Nonni which is an alternative from for Jón.

In Japan, diminutive names are made by adding an honorific suffix to a person's name, or to part of the name.

In recent times, however, the hypocoristic forms of many Bulgarian names receive English and Russian endings, for example: Increasingly, the official form of Dutch given names as registered at birth is one that originally was hypocoristic.

For many of the hypocorisms listed below, a diminutive may be used (e.g.

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