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They may provoke judgment; they also, however, often demand sympathy.Chris and Cathy, in are the victims of ignorance: They sort of understand their relationship to each other.A sense of destabilization at the most fundamental levels. In the Harry Potter series, Voldemort is descended from a family in which cousins regularly marry.

Some literary portrayals treat incest as a profound—perhaps , the members of the Buendía family live in constant fear that the results of their intermarriages will come to haunt them (in this case, via children born with the tails of pigs).

This post contains spoilers through Season 7, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones.“Out of all the people in Thrones, Jon, of all people, is probably the least up for incest,” Kit Harington told Entertainment Tonight last month.

“But we don’t know whether they’re related.”The actor was talking about the romantic tension between his character, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen—a tension that , sometimes gracefully and sometimes awkwardly, has been meticulously building over the course of its seventh season.

As Alan Taylor, the director of several of the show’s episodes, including last week’s “Beyond the Wall,” told The Daily Beast: “There’s no secret that this is where this is going.

Readers of the book have known that things were heading towards this destination for a while. (So much so that The reactions have been as mixed as they are in part for the simple reason that Jon and Dany are not Jaime and Cersei. They grew up separately, in different places and different worlds.

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