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Booms are being used to keep the slick from reaching the beaches.Meanwhile, bulldozers are busy clearing debris from the containers that have already washed up and people are being warned not to scavenge.The government says more than 4.4 million people were out of work; the national statistics body puts the figure at nearly five million.

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The overall percentage was not given but last month the new prime minister put the figure at 23 percent, more than twice the European Union average.

Sales of new cars fell by more than 17 percent last year to their lowest level since 1993.

“It’s not that families are better off, the thing is that families have waited for the sales to buy things they couldn’t buy before,” said Gustavo Samayoa, chairman of the Independent Consumers Federation.

As Spain seeks ways to kick-start the economy, new labour reform plans are awaited this week.

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