Stories of teachers dating students

As human beings we have the unique capacity to pay attention to/be aware of our internal and external worlds and the interactions between the two.

We can attend to the breath, the body, thoughts, emotions, tastes, smells, sights, sounds, and our impulses and actions and their effects on others and our environment.

D., first, second, and third graders who participated in a bi-weekly, 12-session integrative program of mindfulness and relaxation showed significant increases in attention and social skills and decreases in test anxiety and ADHD behaviors.

In studying second and third graders who did Mindfulness Awareness Practices for 30 minutes twice a week for 8 weeks, Lisa Flook, Ph. and her colleagues at the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center at UCLA documented that children who began the study with poor executive function had gains in behavioral regulation, meta-cognition, and overall global executive control.

For others, the stress is performing, “succeeding,” and getting into a “good” college.

For still others the stress is surviving in extremely challenging, even traumatic, home environments and life circumstances.

By working with children and young people, educators can support them to develop a strong foundation of positive and equitable relationships throughout their lifetime.

These resources have been specifically developed from what young people told us they wanted to know — stuff like, what a ‘relationship’ is, how to make sure your relationships is respectful, what to do if things go wrong.

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The neurological processes that explain this interaction are collectively called The newly emerging discipline of Mindfulness in K-12 education is actively investigating whether offering mindfulness to children and adolescence enhances attention, executive function, and learning, and promotes pro-social behavior and general well-being.

On top of this, students can be disrespectful, mean, or downright rude.

But cranky students pale in comparison to how nasty and vindictive certain teachers can be.

This ability to pay attention is a natural, innate human capacity.

One does not need to be Buddhist to pay attention in this way, any more than one needs to be Italian to enjoy pizza.

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