Updating xml file using xquery

Occurs when a process has been blocked for more than a specified amount of time.

Does not include system processes or processes that are waiting on non deadlock-detectable resources.

Typically, queries in the same class are identical except for their parameter values.

This event class occurs when a new subscription request falls into an already existing class of (Match), a new class (Create), or a Drop class, which indicates cleanup of templates for query classes without active subscriptions.

The Text Data column contains information about the event.

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SQL Server attempted to generate an execution plan for this query or batch without applying the plan guide.

Does not include sort operations involving the creating of indexes; only sort operations within a query (such as an ORDER BY clause used in a SELECT statement). Note that the Binary column for this event contains the encoded Showplan.

Use SQL Server Profiler to open the trace and view the Showplan.

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